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The 3 best lubes for silicone sex toys

Oil-based lubricants, like this Astroglide O Organic Lubricant, are another great option for silicone sex toys. "They are long-lasting and hydrating," Dr. O'Reilly says.

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Basically, keep the oil away from your sex toys, period. Is Silicone Based Lube Safe with Sex Toys? The next lube you should think about putting on the chopping block is silicone based lubricant. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, silicone lube is actually very good to use with sex toys that are made from hard materials such as plastic, any metals, ceramic, wood, etc.

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Oil-based lubes are generally compatible with most high-quality silicone sex toys, but not ones made using latex or jelly rubber They can often double as massage oils, making them ideal for foreplay and sex

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Choose a water-based lube for plugs or the grease will just make it harder to hold it in. Oil or grease attack latex and vinyl and should not be used with these toys or condoms. Toys made of silicone are impervious to grease and oil.

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If your sex toy itself is made of or contains silicone, you may want to stick to water-based lubricants like ASTROGLIDE Toy ‘n Joy. It is one of our best lubes for sex toys as it was specifically tested to be safe on most sex toy materials and surfaces and cleans up easily.

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Both Pleasure and Awaken feature their zesty active ingredients in pristine, organic MCT oil from young coconuts... which gets along great with silicone toys, solo or with a partner. Silicone and Sex Oil — two great tastes that taste great together.

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There was no effect: coconut oil and silicone sex toys are perfectly compatible. Coconut Oil and Fun Factory Toys It came to my attention tonight, thanks to Epiphora, that it does void the warranty on Fun Factory toys if you use coconut oil or other oils – however, it’s not because of the silicone.

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Coconut oil makes a great lube for hard plastic, silicone, metal, and glass sex toys. Avoid using it with TPE, rubber, latex, or PVC toys and be wary of cheap ‘silicone’ as it is sometimes mislabeled.

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If you use silicone-based lube or oil along with these products, you will slowly but surely destroy them. How to store them? ... Male Sex Dolls. Show all. By size ...

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The majority of these lubes may be used for vaginal sex, anal sex, masturbation and sex toy play. Remember the rules. If it’s a silicone toy, use water-based lube. Additionally, water-based lubricants are the safest option when you or your partner are using latex condoms.