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Female Shepard/Original Batarian Character(s) - Works ...

Summary. Jane Shepard is a slave to Warden Kuril until a group of Batarian raiders gain rights to her slavery bond and exact her to a torturous existence under their eye. That is until Spectre Saren Arterius is assigned with the elimination of said Batarians and he accidentally discovers Jane along with her bond.

Well, What About Shepard? Chapter 1: Critical Mission Failure ...

"Yes, Commander Shepard," hummed the smooth AI voice throughout the room. Shepard was childishly convinced that EDI's only purpose was to verbally satisfy horny space men in space. He'd be right, too, were it not for Traynor. Goddamn Traynor, pondered Shepard with a vengeance. She's so lesbian that she'd have sex with another woman.

Female Shepard/Samantha Traynor - Works | Archive of Our Own

The Comm Specialist smoothly sits onto the table, shrugging lightly as though she didn't just present her Commander with a box of sex toys. “Every girl's gotta have her stash, even on a warship,” she admits easily and doesn't elaborate further despite the expectant look on her lover's face.